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Overview About Ocean King 3 – Legend of the Phoenix

Ocean King 3 Plus – Legend of the Phoenix promises hours of fierce competition among players thanks to its seemingly endless power-ups, incredibly unique characters and destructive weapons with great power. From Mermaid and Mystic Electric Dragons up to Shooting Storm boosters, players are sure to love the hidden rewards in this game. Some of our favorite characters and weapons include:

Phoenix: On-screen escalation to provide possessive players with generous bonuses

Fire Dragon: Spin on the screen to capture fish and provide players with thousands of coins

Laser: Wide angle shot, powerful laser on the screen to destroy any fish in its path

Super Bomb: Bounce on screen creates powerful explosion for maximum score

The Levels Of Ocean King 3 – Legend of the Phoenix

The purpose of the game is that you use weapons, participating in each level according to their ability. The reward the player receives depends on the number of fish the player kills. Each fish species will correspond to a different reward level. If players do not want to waste ammo, do not forget to monitor the conditions and payouts of each creature before participating.

VIP: Players can only use one gun, the value of the gun ranges from 10 to 1000 coins. Players who join at this level do not have to pay to enter the room. This bet is relatively easy, as long as the player can successfully kill the small fish to receive the reward. VIP is suitable for those who are new to the online fish table, do not have many skills or have limited finances. The symbol of this rank is Blue Shark.

VVIP: Players are allowed to use 2 guns in the hunt. The value of guns at this rank is also greatly increased. The amount of money players have to spend to buy weapons ranges from 50 to 1000. In addition, players also have to spend 10 more coins to log in to the game room. Because it is a medium level playroom, the fishes of the game are also larger in size. If players have skills and experience in participating in online fish tables, they should choose VVIP. The symbol of this playroom is the hammer that generates the laser.

Super VIP: When players have chosen this level, it means they have a lot of skills and have participated in the online fish table with different versions. Players are allowed to use 3 guns in the process of hunting fish. The level of money players use to invest in weapons ranges from 100-1000 and includes 10 coins for the participation fee. Of course, if the player successfully hunts fish, the large fish at this level will help the player earn a not low bonus. The symbol of this rank is Phoenix – the main character of the game!

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Happy Fishing – Fish Table Games

Happy Fishing – Fish Table Games

Happy Fishing is a quite famous fish table game version, loved and chosen by many players. Currently this game has both demo and real play for those who need entertainment or earn extra income. Players coming to Happy Fishing will certainly feel satisfied and happy by the new features of this game.


To understand more about Happy Fishing and have interesting experiences with Happy Fishing, players should not ignore the article below!

Overview About Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing has quite similar rules to other fish table games, but game publishers have adjusted the game, creating a new feeling for customers.

Players coming to Happy Fishing will encounter many creatures with extremely diverse features, based on those features, players will hunt more fish and the reward they receive is not little money!

The Features Of Happy Fishing – Fish Table Games

Functions of fishes:

  • Starfish: When the player destroys starfish, they will create a whirlpool and that is also considered a large trap, attracting many types of fish into it.

  • Continuous Crab: This creature can throw torpedoes into three different areas, from which players have the opportunity to catch fish inside.

  • Drill Crab: The crab’s drills launch projectiles and shoot through the fish, eventually exploding. The player has a chance to catch the fish within the detonation range.

Special Weapons:

  • Torpedo: Gives players a chance to get higher bonus points, which are based on the base factor to calculate.

  • Giant fish: When this fish appears, the player can shoot continuously at them, in addition to the basic bonus points, the player can receive up to 5 times bonus from this fish.

  • Shark: When the shark appears, the player will be able to continuously receive bonuses until the shark leaves the screen.

Mega Octopus:

  • The player will activate the turntable when catching the Mega Octopus.

  • Players get the corresponding bonus when getting multiples during the spin.

  • When the player gets the Golden Wheel, the player activates the golden wheel, the player gets the spin with higher coefficients, the highest up to 950x.

Happy Fishing has quite similar rules to other fish table games, but game publishers have adjusted the game, creating a new feeling for customers.

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How to play Genie’s Luck Slot

With the slogan “Prestige and Fairness – Being the Leading Factor”, Fishgametop always brings interesting betting experiences to each of its members. Besides the integration of suitable features for each device, members can easily join the card game through phones and computers, as well as through Apple and Android applications.

Genie’s Luck Slot is an online Slot game provided by Gameplay Interactive with a novel number of reels arranged 3-4-4-4-3 and 40 attractive paylines. The game is full of familiar symbols such as Wild, Free spins, Scatter… for players. Learn how to play Genie’s Luck Slot at Fishgametop below.

What is Genie’s Luck Slot?

Genie’s Luck Slot is inspired by the story of One Thousand and One Nights with the familiar image of Aladdin and 3 wishes. Genie’s Luck features an image of a genie simulated as realistically as in the movies you’ve seen. 

The game is set in a splendid palace with bold Arabian features. The reels will be placed in two stone towers with vivid drawings, interesting symbols including flying carpets, daggers or hats, creating an interesting role-playing world for players.

  • Vendor: Gameplay Interactive
  • Number of rolls: 5
  • Payment line: 40
  • Minimum bet: 0.1
  • Max bet: 85
  • Trial: Have

Wild symbol

Wild substitutes for all other symbols in the game except the Scatter.

This symbol appears on all reels and accumulates.

  • 5X: 400
  • 4X: 80
  • 3X: 40
  • 2X: 6

Scatter symbol

Scatter will appear on scroll bars 2, 3 and 4.

3 Scatter symbols appearing in a row from left to right or from right to left will all receive 10 free spins.

Genie Respin – Main Game

  • During the main game, a full set of Genie symbols appearing on reel 1 will be rewarded with 3 re-spins.
  • During the re-spin, all Genie and Wild will be locked on the reels.
  • The first and second re-spins are only for collecting Genie and Wild.
  • On the 4th re-spin, all winning combinations will be rechecked and paid out proportionally.
  • The re-spin payout will be updated when the feature ends, the main game re-spin is calculated from left to right.

Genie Respin – Free Spins

  • At the free spins, a full set of symbols appearing on reel 1 or reel 5 will be rewarded with 3 re-spins.
  • The genie will be reversed in the direction of returning from reel 1 to reel 5 or from reel 5 to reel 1.
  • Genie and Wild symbols will be locked on the reels and 3 re-spins will be triggered before the free spins resume.
  • Respins in free spins mode are won in two ways, from left to right and vice versa.


This is an interesting game with a different layout from other Slot games, eye-catching graphics and many features and lucky symbols that will bring many winning opportunities for players.


What Is The Diamond Vortex Slot?

Diamond Vortex Slot is developed by Play’N Go. The bonus feature of the machine diamond vortex slot gives you super big wins. You will enjoy amazing bonus features such as Cascade Symbols, Cluster Payouts, Core Wilds Symbols with progressive multiplier, random symbol transformation and a Free Spin bonus round. unlimited re-triggers and a bonus multiplier that can lead to wins of up to 5,000x your stake.


With the theme of outer space, you are on a mission to discover the hidden fortunes where the Vortex awaits. 

Game Overview

  • Slot Name: Diamond Vortex

  • Software: Play’N Go

  • RTP: 96.20%

  • Paylines: 7

  • Reels: 7

  • Min Bet : $0.20

  • Max Bet: $100

  • Features: Wild Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Sub Symbols In Feature , Stacked Symbols,Turbo Spin , Symbol Collection


Gold Collector Slot

What is Gold Collector Slot?

Gold Collector slot is released by the game maker Microgaming. In the top of the most popular games Gold Collector deserves to be the top spinning game. In each spin the player has a chance to win up to 1,200x the total bet. Along with that, there are unique and new features that help players get great experiences and emotions.

  • Number of reels: 4×5 reels (4 rows, 5 columns are equivalent to 20 reels).
  • Number of winning lines in the game: 50.
  • The minimum bet is 0.10 USD.
  • The maximum bet is 100.00USD.

There are 10 main playing symbols that appear in the game. Each symbol has a different payout and is specified in the paytable. Figure symbols will have a higher payout than other alphanumeric symbols.

Line winning in the game

Gold Collector has 50 paylines, line winnings start on the leftmost reel and pay out from left to right only on adjacent reels.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout will be counted. When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Wild Symbol

The symbol can substitute for any other symbol to form a winning line except for the bonus and coin symbols. 

Wild symbols appear only on reels 2, 3, 4.

Bonus Symbols

Only appear on reels 2,3,4 and trigger free spins when 3 or more symbols appear on the same reel.

Free spins feature

When a player lands 3 or more bonus symbols, 8 free spins will be triggered. 

All bets and lines will count as the turn that triggered the free spins. 

This feature can be re-enabled.

Hyperhold feature with jackpot

Hyperhold will reward cash prizes on every reel. Specifically:

  • Spin 1: Get a Mini Jackpot worth 10x your stake.
  • Spin 2: Minor Jackpot worth 20x the stake.
  • Spin 3: Maxi Jackpot worth 50x stake.
  • Spin 4: The Major Jackpot is worth 100x the stake.
  • Reel 5: Grand Jackpot worth 1,000x stake.

When all reel slots are filled the player gets the reels jackpot prize. 

3 or more coin symbols will trigger the Hyperhold feature.


Introduction About Poker Texas Hold’Em 

Poker Texas Hold’Em is the most popular version, the most mentioned when participating in Poker. This game appears at most online casinos and is extremely popular with players. To find out why this game is so welcome, players follow us below!

What Is Poker Texas Hold’Em?

Poker Texas Hold’Em is a game using a deck of 52 cards like Blackjack. This game is extremely popular in the world and is available at all online casinos. Poker Texas Hold’Em originated in the West many centuries ago, now that the game is no longer for the nobility, anyone can participate in Poker Texas Hold’Em.

Players can participate in the Poker Texas Hold’Em online version thanks to 4.0 technology. Regardless of whether it is an online table, the level of authenticity is extremely high, players can chat through the livestream system with the beautiful Dealer.

Process Playing Of Poker Texas Hold’Em

Similar fish table game online, players when participating in Poker Texas Hold’Em at an online casino must bet according to the rules of the system. Then the Dealer starts to deal cards. In the first round each player will receive 2 cards. In the next round, the player receives the next 5 common cards in turn. Then, when receiving cards at each round, the player must arrange cards, calculate and make decisions to Fold, Check, Call or Check raise. Details will be detailed as follows:

  • Round 1: Pre-flop

At this round, players will have to place bets according to the rules. After that, the online casino will start dealing 2 separate cards to each player.

  • Round 2: The flop

In this round, the player continues to receive 3 more cards from the online casino. Then the player needs to arrange 5 cards so logically and form the strongest possible link. At the end of round 1, the player needs to make a decision to Fold or Check or Call, or Check Raise.

  • Round 3: The turn

In this round, the player continues to receive another common card. The player then continues to combine the available cards to form the strongest card link. Once completed, the player needs to calculate the card and make the decision to Fold, Check, Call, or Check Raise.

  • Round 4: The river

At the last round of the game, the Dealer will deal another common card to the players. The player will then still form the strongest combination, guessing whether his card can win or not.

  • Fold: In case the player’s card is not good and does not have a high chance of winning, the player can choose this action. As soon as the player chooses Fold, the player will have to stop playing immediately and lose the entire bet. 

  • Check: This is the action for the case where the player is undecided whether to check raise or fold.

  • Bet: If the player has not selected any action, choose this command to proceed with the bet with the amount the player wants.

  • Call: The player will have to bet according to the bet of the previous player.

  • Check raise: If the player has a good card and can win big, choose to increase the bet to increase his stake.

After completing 4 rounds, the system will compare cards between players. The player with the highest value wins.

Value Of Cards In Poker Texas Hold’Em

High Card -> One Pair-> Two Pair -> Three of a Kind -> Straight -> Flush-> Full House -> Four of a Kind-> Straight Flush -> Royal Flush.


  • If two players own the same card, the system will compare the suit of the cards.

  • In case a player has the same cards in order, the system will compare each card. The player with the larger card wins.


High Card

Match 5 individual cards.

One Pair 

Match 2 cards of the same kind.

Two Pair

Combine 2 sets of identical cards.

Three of a kind

Match 3 same cards.


5 cards in a sequence (but not the same suit)


Card combinations of 5 non-consecutive cards, same suit, same color.

Full House

Card combinations include one pair and Three of a kind.

Four of a Kind

Combine cards of 4 cards of the same value.

Straight Flush

Card combinations of 5 consecutive cards, the same suit, same color.

Royal Flush

Combine 5 cards in a row of the same suit, same color and form the values ​​from 10 – A. This is the strongest card combination.


Poker Texas Hold’Em is a game that requires careful thinking, logic and calculation. Players participating in Poker Texas Hold’Em must make the correct decision at the right time. Do not forget to learn the rules of the game, how to play and some betting experience from the betting experts.

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Playing Fish Table Game Online No Deposit

Fish table game online is no longer a strange form of entertainment for many players. When the fish table gambling game online industry was born and developed dramatically over time, customers have had a new form of entertainment that is both convenient and extremely economical.


Fish table online is a game topic that has been around since the early days, when casino games was still underdeveloped. This genre was formed from the traditional fish table gambling game and developed by game publishers based on customer needs.

Despite appearing for a long time, besides having many other equally attractive games and genres, fish table gambling game online has remained firmly in the market for many years. fish table gambling game online has also had many new developments, players only need a personal mobile when participating. What's even better is that customers can have fun without a recharge!

Fish Table Game Online With No Deposit?

On the market today, players do not need to deposit money into their accounts and can still participate in Fish Table Game Online easily. So is all this true or not? The answer is “yes!”.

Currently, not all online casinos offer no deposit-playing demo entertainment. Players who want to be sure to participate without depositing should learn carefully about the online casino that they join. The Fishgametop is not a bad suggestion. The system owns a lot of different games, with a variety of images and sounds to create realism. More specifically, this is a reputable system with many years of experience in the online fish table platform. Therefore, customers coming to Fishgametop will surely have unforgettable moments!

Website Fish table gambling game online:


Tovább – Fish Table Games Online

The reputable casino from USA - Fishgametop is now loved and selected by the betting community with professional services and a reliable reputation built by Fishgametop over the years. Fishgametop provides dedicated customer care and support services. Make sure all your problems and questions will be resolved quickly and appropriately. The LiveChat team at the Fishgametop is friendly, quick to chat, but also has high professional experience.

After many years of development, owns a diverse fish table gambling game online real money usa store proud to bring users a modern entertainment space, ensuring no lag, loss of connection or unreasonable cancellation. In addition, the game rules and bonus rates are clearly, transparently and publicly recorded by the Fishgametop. Create the best conditions for players to have the opportunity to experience world-class and high-quality games.



Fire Forge slot

No longer a strange name to the online fish tables and Slots market in USA - Fishgametop is now not only improving the quality of its products but also constantly innovating and developing other products and services.

Originating from USA - The prestigious Fishgametop always gives its members satisfaction and peace of mind about the quality of its products and services. Since the development of the fish table game and slot games market and online product lines, Fishgametop is gradually dominating the market with its strong development and constantly improving and innovating products and services to customers.

Fishgametop owns a diverse game store in which it is impossible not to mention slot games. This is a product that does not seem too strange when the technology is more advanced in the online game lines because it is easy to play, easy to win and also easy to win great prizes from this product line. 

Fire Forge slot is released by the game maker Microgaming. Fire Forge is one of the most popular spinning games in recent times. In each spin the player has a chance to win big up to 50,000x the total bet and a lot of attractive bonuses in the free spins and jackpots. Find out how to play and what features help players collect more prizes in the following article.

  • Number of reels: 3×5 reels (3 rows, 5 columns are equivalent to 15 reels).

  • Number of winning lines in the game: 243 winning lines.

  • The minimum bet is 0.25 USD.

  • The maximum bet is 20.00USD.

There are a total of 9 main playing symbols appearing in the game. Each symbol has a different payout and is specified in the paytable. Figure symbols will have a higher payout than other alphanumeric symbols.

Line winning in the game

Fire Forge has 243 winning lines, the winnings are calculated starting from the leftmost reel and paying out from left to right only on adjacent reels.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout will be counted. When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Wild Symbol

This is a symbol that can substitute for all other symbols to form a winning line except for the bonus symbol. 

Wild symbols appear on reels 2,3,4,5 during both main and free play. 

Wild symbols are stacked on reels 3,4,5.

Bonus Symbol

Appears anywhere and has the potential to trigger the jackpot and free spins.

Jackpot Prize

When a player lands 5 or more bonus symbols on any reel, they win 1 of 3 jackpots. 

Super prize x200 total bet, silver prize x25 total bet, bronze prize x5 total bet. 

The free spins multiplier will increase the jackpot. 

This feature will be enabled in both main play and free play.

Free Spins

When a player lands 1 or more bonus symbols, the free spins selection will be triggered. 

Players can choose 1 of 3 free spins features with different coefficients.

Draw coefficients

Win free spins up to 200x total bet. 

All free spins features have a multiplier line, the winning multiplier increases with each successive spin. Specifically:

  • 12 free spins, initial spin x1, win multiplier increases by 1x with each spin.

  • 6 free spins, 3x initial spin, 3x win multiplier with every spin.

  • 3 free spins, 6x initial spin, 6x extra win multiplier with every spin.

Rolling Reels Features

Rolling Reels are activated with each form win. 

Winning symbols are removed to make room for new symbols. 

Rolling Reels can reward multiple winnings in a row. 

This feature is available in both main play and free play.

Payment symbols





















Water bottle




Red gem




Green gem




Blue gem




Purple gem





When participating in the Fire Forge game, players have a great chance to win with a bonus of up to 1,000,000 currency units. In addition, attractive features will bring unexpected rewards in each spin. Join the Fire Forge slot now to find luck.


FishGameTop – Fish Table Gambling Game Online Real Money


Fishgametop is one of the best choices for players Fish Table Gambling Game Online Real Money in the USA market.

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